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Sarah Biller

Co-Founder & Board Member, FinTech Sandbox

Jim Cunha

Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Marc Grens

Co-Founder & President, DigitalMint


Sri Krishnamurthy M'11 CFA, CAP

Chief Data Scientist and President, QuantUniversity LLC

Adam Martel

CEO & Co-founder, Gravyty


Rich Palmer M'16

Co-founder, Gravyty

Christina Qi

Partner, Domeyard LP

Havell Rodrigues M'03

CEO and Co-Founder, Adjoint Inc.

Chuck Senatore

Head of Risk Oversight for Devonshire Investors, Fidelity Investments

Debbie Williams M'11

Strategist, FinTech Market Strategy

Greg Woolf

CEO, Coalesce

J. Helen Yang, CFA

Co-founder and CEO, Andes Wealth

*listed in alphabetical order and subject to change